Flash Fiction


Bridport Prize Anthology 2016

Flash: The International Short-Short Story Magazine
"Flying Ants"

Nebula Rift Magazine
"The Biology Lesson" and "The Bionic Teeth"

New Realm Magazine
"The Broccoli House"

Domestic Cherry 5
"Earlier Than Camels"

Poetry Swindon's "78s" Anthology
"Henry Turnpenny"


Postcard Shorts
"Knight of the Rocks"

Ink In Thirds
"How to cook your dead wife"

Unbroken Journal
"Mourning After"

The Vignette Review
"The Artist"

Saturday Night Reader
"First Assignment"

The Drabble

101 Words

Story Shack Magazine
"Spirit of the Beanstalk"

A Thousand and One Stories
"Squirrel Apocalypse"

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