Thursday, 10 May 2012

Free writing

Every writing blog needs at least one random post of weird prose. Here's mine.

The blade slices through my shame and fills my eyes with wonder. A tiny step through my life as we live in peace and harmony but, when the storm arrives, only then shall we truly know how we feel. Life takes your dreams and grinds them down, like a small child may crush the life out of a beetle. It’s a struggle, but we never stop, never breathe, never break. I am in charge of what I do, yet there are controls to which I must adhere. Who and what I am is up to me, but how I act is not my choice. I am controlled – made to abide by the laws of society. There is no use in rebelling. You just continue as you have been: swept along in the flood of apathy in which we live. There is no getting out – no quitting – until every last drop of your energy has been spent. The stars shine and I contemplate my future. Harsh and bright, my hatred glares back and I long to break free. My past rushes through me and I bring up the barrier once more. Again I hide behind the mask that I have worked on for so long. So many believe. No one is let inside. I must block any attempts to penetrate my true reality. No one knows or understands what I am, not even myself.