Saturday, 4 February 2012

Soppy Bastard

Have you ever really liked someone but been too shy to tell them? Well, why not sit at home and write a long poem about it? And then still not actually tell them how you feel? Yes, that will work. Then, years later, you can find the poem in an old notebook and post it on your blog.

If I asked you really nicely
If I begged you on my knees
If I sent you chocolates and roses
Or if I just said “please”

Then perhaps you’d grant me
My one and only wish
I’m asking really nicely
How about a kiss?

I’d like to be romantic
But I’m afraid I don’t know how
I really want to ask you
But I’m scared to do it now

I’ve got a spot upon my nose
And a spare inch here and there
I’m sure I’ve got my good points too
But do you really care?

I think about you every day
You’re always on my mind
But, before I ask you,
Some courage I must find

I’d need a private moment
With no one else nearby
I hope to God that you’ll say yes
If you don’t, I think I’ll die

I suppose it’s now or never
I hope you’ll hear my plea
I’m asking you right here and now
Will you go out with me?