Monday, 11 March 2013

The Lawrences and Lambs

My mum and Pat, her best friend, have known each other all their lives. Even when they were babies they were pushed around together in their respective prams. This is the poem my mum asked me to write for Pat's 70th birthday card, based on various memories they have of their lives together. I guess the references in the poem won't make much sense to anyone else, but it was fun to write so here it is anyway!


Here they come!
The Lawrences and Lambs!
Doreen and Margery
Are pushing the prams.

Eleven years later,
Jean and Pat were cool.
Biking up the Brampton Road,
To the Grammar School.

Lovely, dark-green uniforms,
With knickers for P.E.
Pat enjoyed her country run
While Jeanie stopped for tea.

Perfect Pat the Prefect
Managed all the tuck.
Jeanie got free chocolate
And didn't believe her luck.

Down the Nickel Coin they went
At the end of every day.
Pat had all the money
So Jeanie let her pay.

Coins went in the jukebox.
The egg and chips were hot.
Pat and Jean went jiving,
While revision went to pot.

Through happiness and laughter,
Through life and love and tears,
Jean and Pat together,
Friends for 70 years.