Sunday, 20 February 2011


Depression is a weird thing. I've been fighting it for years. Sometimes it results in daft poetry, and sometimes that poetry ends up on this blog. This particular poem was written when I was 15. Don't be offended - this poem's not meant to trivialise suicidal thoughts - it was just my way of dealing with them at the time.

I want to commit suicide
I want to do it today
I want to do it quickly
I want it over straight away

I'd like to slit my wrists
But I haven't got a knife
I've got to do it somehow
I really hate my life

I could jump out the window
And land right on my head
I've never been quite so depressed
It's gonna be great to be dead

It'll be the end of all my problems
Life is so mundane
There's just too many hassles
Too much emotional pain

It's time for an act of self-destruction
Oblivion, here I come
I'm staring into blackness
It's the barrel of a loaded gun

My finger's on the trigger
I'm squeezing it real tight
It's time to meet my maker
It's time to say goodnight

Farewell to all my problems
Farewell to my sad past
My heart has beat its final beat
And I
have breathed
my last.

Teen Depression by Robert Carter