Saturday, 20 June 2015

The Bionic Teeth

Exciting moment - "The Bionic Teeth" (my first sci-fi story!) has just been published. An absolute bargain at $3.99 (that's about £2.50 in UK money).

Here's the link: Nebula Rift Volume 3, No. 5 (and it's also available on Amazon).

And here's a quote from the story that will naturally make you insanely eager to buy the magazine :-)

Technological upgrades were certainly the fashion these days. I already had Automagic lungs, a bionic knee, and a shiny green hoverbot that followed me everywhere, taking selfies in both pictures and video. The hoverbot was with me now; it moved around behind the doctor to take my photograph over his shoulder. I hoped the hospital gown wasn't too revealing; the bot often uploaded snapshots to FaceSpice without waiting for approval.

[EDIT: Very exciting moment here -- this story netted me my first Amazon review!]

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