Wednesday, 24 June 2015

Amazon's 'Author Central'

It's been really exciting to see my name appearing on Amazon as an author but I was a bit worried that when you click on my name you get a list of all the stuff other "Mark Farley"s have written (kids' books about spiders, and several naughty stories!)

Luckily there's a solution!

For anyone in the same boat, the problem is that when you click on an author's name, Amazon just runs a simple search... and so of course for me, all the Mark Farleys appeared in the same list. Chris Farley, Walter Farley, and Farley Granger were all there too -- quite prestigious company!

You can fix the issue like this: go to "Author Central" and create yourself an author page. Make sure to read the instructions first -- there's no "undo" button and there are lots of ways to muck things up!

It's quick and, most importantly, FREE!

You can add an author picture to the page, and link it to your twitter feed (not sure why that's necessary but I did it anyway). Once the page is created, you can go hunting for all your millions of published works (!) and "claim" them (which adds them to your page).

Here's my author page in all its glory: ... there's only one publication so far, but I'm hoping to achieve a lot more!

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