Thursday, 25 August 2016

One line Wednesday - a weekly twitter event (#1lineWed)

Writers! Poets! Are you tweeting?

First of all, if you're on twitter, please follow @mumbletoes! I tweet stuff about writing, mostly, along with the occasional joke that I think looks good for a writing prompt. Come say hi! :-)

If anyone's looking to build up their twitter account then I'd really recommend getting involved with the #1lineWed hashtag (details here). Maybe I've not noticed it building up and up, but I swear it's suddenly got very popular. I threw a few tweets out into the ether yesterday and when I checked today ... *boom* (have a look at the badge number on the twitter icon!) :-)

206 itty bitty blobs of internet lurrrve!

I now feel vaguely popular in a "fake internet points" kinda way :-)  All right, I don't really, but it's interesting (maybe just to me) to have so much interaction with writers across the world - and all from such little effort. Plus, there's a sense of community out there... and that's great because, let's face it, writing encouragement is hard to come by in real life!

Okay, maybe all this is small beans to the twitter gurus (and yes, perhaps I'd have been better off spending the time writing) but I've heard agents/publishers like to see a writer has made a bit of effort with social media. They do, don't they? Please say yes.

And this was also kind of a shock... five of my own tweets plus a sprinkling of likes, retweets and replies on other people's stuff resulted in all of this interaction. There were lots of likes, lots of retweets, and people were replying with encouragement or even making suggestions for improvements/sequels. And, believe it or not, some of those people hitting the "like" button are agents and publishers. It's not going to get me a contract but surely it's helpful to get your name out there...? :-)

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